Ukraine Healthcare Incidents

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List of healthcare incidents in the Ukraine. Weekly updated,

wdt_ID Attack ID Attack Date Country / Territory Certainty Level Attack Description
1 UKR1 24/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Vuhledar town, Donetsk oblast, an alleged Russian ballistic missile carrying a cluster munition struck just outside a hospital, damaging the hospital and an ambulance. Six doctors were injured and four civilians killed.
2 UKR2 24/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Dnipro city, raion and oblast, nurses at a neonatal ICU were forced to move newborn babies into a makeshift bomb shelter, as Russian missiles struck the area.
3 UKR3 25/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Kharkiv city and oblast, the Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Centre was hit by shelling, Three blood donors were wounded, and one died. After the shelling, staff moved all the equipment into the basement which serves as the centre’s main unit and bomb shelter. Some blood donors had to spend the night inside to shelter from the shelling.
4 UKR4 25/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Melitopol city, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Russian forces reportedly damaged a clearly-marked Oncology Centre. It is suspected that the damage was caused by shelling.
5 UKR5 25/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Zaporizhia oblast, the Minister of Health reports that emergency medical teams came under fire by Russian forces.
6 UKR6 25/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Kyiv oblast, the Minister of Health reports that emergency medical teams came under fire by Russian forces.
7 UKR7 25/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Chernihiv oblast, the Minister of Health reports that Russian forces opened fire on a psychiatric hospital.
8 UKR8 26/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Kyiv, shelling hit near the Okhmadyt Children’s Hospital, forcing staff and cancer patients to seek shelter in the basements of the facility. Chemotherapy for children has been interrupted, raising concerns that the patients could relapse, not achieve remission, grow sicker, or even die. Patients with non-life-threatening conditions have been evacuated.
9 UKR9 26/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed Near Kherson city and oblast, Russian forces reportedly shot at and blew up an ambulance. The ambulance driver died and a paramedic suffered burn injuries. Unconfirmed reports the ambulance was transporting an injured Ukrainian soldier
10 UKR10 27/02/2022 Ukraine Confirmed In Okytyrka district, Sumy oblast, Russian forces reportedly prevented ambulances from reaching and providing medical assistance to civilians who were shot whilst travelling on a bus.
Attack ID Attack Date Country / Territory Certainty Level Attack Description

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