Cholera – Niger

Niger is currently dealing with a Cholera outbreak that has affected 6 states and led to 88 deaths, and 2,641 cases. No source is known

Cholera – Nigeria

A Cholera outbreak in 23 of Nigeria’s states has led to 2,035 deaths and 58,698 since January. Nigeria is prone to annual cholera outbreaks due

Undiagnosed Food-borne disease – Nigeria

(Weekend of) August 28, 2021 – Approximately 175 individuals in Gwoza, Borno State, Nigeria, have been infected with an unspecified diarrheal infectious disease with additional

Leptospirosis – Russia

One person falls ill with Leptospirosis in Sevastopol, Russia. The patient likely contracted the bacterial illness while swimming in the Black River or a reservoir

Legionellosis – United States

Nine people diagnosed with Legionellosis in a Manhattan, New York neighborhood. The source of the legionella bacteria is unknown but health officials are inspecting water

Legionellosis – Australia

2 hospitalized cases of Legionnaire’s disease were reported in Melbourne, Australia. The disease is caused by legionella bacteria, that can be found in both natural

E coli – United States

E. coli outbreak at Ellsworth, Maine campgrounds. The Maine CDC has not yet confirmed the source of the bacteria, but officials found E. coli in

Salmonellosis – Venezuela

Around 600 cases of salmonella are seen in Venezuela due to contaminated water, specifically in the north. There are 571 cases of salmonellosis are registered

Polio – Uganda

There is a polio outbreak in Kampala, Uganda. Vaccines are accessible in Uganda, however, the virus is being transmitted from affected neighboring countries. There is

Salmonellosis – Venezuela

Two people died while more than 500 were diagnosed positive for salmonellosis infection. Lack of maintenance and management of water repair services and solid waste