Cholera – Afghanistan

May 24, 2022 – (Unspecified date) A total of 400 cases of cholera have been reported in the Zabul Province, Afghanistan. From this group of

Cholera – Pakistan

A report on the cholera endemic in Pir Koh area of Balochistan province, Pakistan has been submitted to the prime minister. The report said that

Cholera – Nigeria

May 17, 2022 – A total of 50 cholera-related deaths have been reported in Taraba State, Nigeria. According to the source, the outbreak started in

Cholera – South Sudan

A cholera outbreak is declared in South Sudan after the confirmation of 8 cases in Rubkona county. So far, 31 cases, including one death (a

Cholera – Pakistan

129 lab-confirmed cholera cases have so far been reported in Karachi during the last four months, although provincial health authorities on Tuesday remarked, it did

Cholera – Cameroon

The cholera outbreak in Cameroon has escalated in recent weeks with a more than 3.5-fold increase between weeks 10 and 12 (ending 27 March 2022)

Cholera – Nigeria

At least 31 deaths have been reported, as a result of cholera, this year so far in Nigeria. So far, there has been 1,359 cases

Polio – Malawi

One polio case has been confirmed in February in Malawi. This is the first case in thirty years. A 3-year-old girl was paralyzed by wild

Typhoid fever – Namibia

Two positive cases of typhoid fever have been confirmed in the capital district of Namibia. Polluted water is the most common source of transmission. The

Cholera – Cameroon

1,242 cases of cholera were reported, including 35 deaths in Cameroon. Most of the cases were reported in the South-West region and the Littoral region.