Dengue Fever – Bangladesh

153 new cases of Dengue fever were reported in Bangladesh, spread by the Aedes mosquito. The Aedes Mosquito spreads Dengue and breeds in stagnant water,

Leishmaniasis – Nepal

Regions of Okhaldhunga, Kalikot, and Myagdi in Nepal have reported an outbreak of Kala-azar and Dengue. Kala-azar, also known as visceral leishmaniasis or black fever,

Malaria – Angola

377,599 new cases of Malaria have been reported in Malanje province, Angola since the start of 2021. Malaria is the leading cause of death in

Dengue Fever – French Guiana

Following major flooding in the country, Region Six is reporting 67 cases of dengue and five cases of leptospirosis. There has not been any major

Malaria – Kenya

At least 300 individuals have tested positive for Malaria in the Kerio Valley in Kenya. The source is unknown. But all patients have been moved

Dengue Fever – France

The tiger mosquito has spread into 4 sections in France and the health authorities have issued warnings and started taking measures to control the spread.

Japanese encephalitis – India

5 individuals have tested positive for Japanese Encephalitis in the Jharkhand region, India. The source of the infections is unknown, symptoms include headache, fever, vomiting,

Malaria – India

In Mumbai (India), over 1,000 malaria cases have been recorded in six months. According to the monsoon ailments data provided by the public health department,