Monkeypox – Spain

From July 6 to 19, 2022, a total of 21 persons were infected by monkeypox (recently renamed mpox) virus (MPXV) that was likely to have

Monkeypox – Portugal

14 more cases of Monkeypox have been confirmed, bringing the number of cases to 37 so far in Portugal. These cases were detected in the

Monkeypox – Spain

30 cases of monkeypox reported in Spain. 83 cases of monkeypox outside the African continent. Recommendations are to avoid close contact to minimize the risks

Monkeypox – Portugal

May 18, 2022 – A total of 14 cases of monkeypox have been reported in Portugal. This totals to 19 reported cases as five have

Chickenpox – Netherlands The

A large number of children in the Netherlands have recently contracted chickenpox. Based on the data of general practitioners, the institute estimated that in the

Hepatitis A – Croatia

A sizable outbreak of Hepatitis A is occurring in Zagreb, Croatia, and has been going on for two months. The largest number of patients at

Lassa fever – Nigeria

There have been 176 cases of Lassa fever in 11 local government areas in Edo State, Nigeria. Etsako West and Esan West are the leading

Shigellosis – United States

four cases of shigellosis have been reported and required hospitalization in Eureka, USA. The source of infection was suspected from using infected clothes washed from