Polio – Ukraine

October 29, 2021- A case of poliomyelitis was suspected in an individual in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The individual is a 12-year-old female who did not receive

Polio – Ukraine

September 3, 2021 – Poliomyelitis was suspected and identified in an infant in Ukraine. The 1.5 year-old infant showed symptoms of paresis between September 1,

Botulism – United States

The Butte County Public Health Department announced on Friday that it is investigating a case of wound botulism suffered by a Butte County resident who

Typhus – Nepal

28 Scrub typhus cases in Bajura. The most common symptoms of scrub typhus are fever, headache, body ache and rashes, similar to dengue. Patients typically

Plague – Madagascar

Madagascar reports thirty cases of the pneumonic plague as of September 10th with seven deaths, all of which were in the province of Miandrandra. Antibiotics

Meningococcal disease – New Zealand

A 21-year-old student at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand has died from Meningococcal disease. The source of infection is not reported in the article.

Botulism – Romania

In Arad, Romania two people have been diagnosed with botulism. This past weekend, a woman and her husband were admitted to a hospital in Arad