Botulism – Ukraine

In Kyiv, two people were hospitalized with botulism. The source was home canned products.Foodborne botulism is a severe intoxication caused by eating the preformed toxin

Norovirus – Russia

Acute intestinal infection was detected in 31 students of school No. 26 in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. Three children were taken to a

Salmonellosis – Israel

Two children and one adult are suspected of salmonella infection in Israel after consumption of contaminated chocolate, ice cream and other snacks from Strauss. The

Botulism – United States

A man aged 55 to 65 in Washington state, USA, died from botulism after consuming home-canned food.Foodborne botulism is a severe intoxication caused by eating

Undiagnosed Food-borne disease – Syria

Nearly 150 displaced people fall ill after eating expired “iftar” breakfast meals in Al-Aynaa, Kafr Owayd Al-Mahabah, and Al-Mukhtar camps near Kalli town in northern

Trichinosis – Spain

59 trichinosis cases were reported in Córdoba, Spain. The patients received care in different health centres and are assisted on an outpatient basis. The consumption

Trichinosis – Argentina

46 cases of Trichinella infection have been reported in a region of Argentina. Trichinosis is linked with the consumption of of raw or undercooked pork.

Anthrax – Kazakhstan

In the Tyulkubas district of the Turkestan region of Turkey anthrax has been reported. Two patients are being treated and are in stable condition and