Salmonellosis – United States

Three cases of Salmonella linked to salami sticks from Trader Joe’s in Minnesota. The people became ill between September 20-29. Health officials believe more people

Salmonellosis – United States

At least five cases of Salmonella linked to crabmeat in Maine. The product containing the pathogen has been identified as Hardie’s Crabmeat in Deer Isle,

Salmonellosis – United States

October 20, 2021 (outbreak date not specified)- There have been recent reports of a salmonella outbreak in 37 states in the United States. Approximately 652

Undiagnosed Food-borne disease – India

October 20, 2021 – Approximately 40 individuals have been suspected to have food poisoning. The population of individuals is a combination of adults and children.

E coli – United States

10 adults have been diagnosed with E. Coli in Kentucky, USA. Two cases resulted in hemolytic uremic syndrome which can cause kidney failure. 6 people

Salmonellosis – Norway

Salmonella outbreak across Europe linked to Syria. The outbreak is linked to tahini and halva from Syria. More than 120 people have been affected since

Salmonellosis – India

More than 50 people fall sick with food poisoning in villages of Uttar Pradesh, India after eating stale chaat at a local fair. After attending

Undiagnosed Food-borne disease – India

October 9, 2021 – Approximately fifty individuals have fallen ill from food poisoning in Madhya Pradesh, India. The individuals were men, women, and children. No

Norovirus – Russia

Krasnoyarsk, Russia sees outbreak of noroviral disease at school cafeteria. 37 students at the school developed acute intestinal infection. Another report says that from October

Salmonellosis – United States

Salmonella outbreak in Colorado, US linked to seafood. Seafood distributed by Northeast Seafood Products to grocery stores through October 7,2021 were recalled. Symptoms include dehydration,