Hepatitis A – United States

Hepatitis A outbreak in North Carolina passed 1,000 cases. 63% of cases have required hospitalization. 16 people have died from Hepatitis A infection. Health officials

Salmonellosis – Russia

School children were hospitalized and later diagnosed with Salmonellosis after lunch in a cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia. Out of 18 children, 13 got infected

Botulism – Ukraine

A 74-year old man died from consuming two month old blood sausage and contracting botulism in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The Center for Public

Salmonellosis – France

45 people in France are sick with a salmonella infection after consuming a dry cured sausage from Spain. 27 of the 45 patients were children.

Botulism – Ukraine

A case of botulism was recorded in Melitopol, Ukraine. A 65-year-old man consumed cold-smoked mackerel on June 18. Next evening, he experienced symptoms of poisoning,

E coli – United States

15 individuals across 11 states in the United States have tested positive for E.coli. The source of the infection is currently unknown but the CDC

Salmonellosis – Spain

July 7th, 2021 – (outbreak date not specified in source) Six cases of Salmonella infections have been reported in Spain. The individuals infected were four