Zoonotic Influenza – Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has experienced a rise in Influenza A cases, with 6,300 cases detected so far. The cause of the rise has not been

Zoonotic Influenza – Russia

The Kalmykia district in Russia has imposed a quarantine after a rise in influenza and COVID cases. The infections are common among children which are

Tuberculosis – India

A rise in Tuberculosis cases has been detected in Karnataka, India. Over the past nine months, there have been up to 3,407 cases in this

Leprosy – Malawi

150 cases of leprosy have been recorded in the past month in Malawi. Leprosy is a skin disease caused by mycobacterium leprae. The disease is

Tuberculosis – Nigeria

The Kaduna state of Nigeria reports 2,428 cases of tuberculosis in the past six months. Local health officials say that if someone is coughing for

Diphtheria – Vietnam

October 22, 2021 – Three cases of diphtheria reported in the Ky Son district in Vietnam. The individual cases are school aged children. There were

Legionellosis – United States

Two prisoners in a Connecticut prison have tested positive for Legionnaire’s disease. The source of infection is unknown, but generally the bacteria causing the disease

Legionellosis – Italy

Two schoolchildren in a school in South Tyrol have been infected with Legionnaire’s disease. Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria found in bodies of water.

Hanta Virus – Russia

From January to September, there have been 19 cases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the Leninogorsk region of Russia. Many patients became infected

Legionellosis – United States

18 cases of Legionnaires’ Disease were detected in Harlem, NYC, United States. An investigation of this outbreak found the infectious bacteria in NYC Health +