Hanta Virus – Russia

58 reported cases as of early 2021 (specific date not provided in source); two of the cases were children. Cases were registered in 14 districts

Tuberculosis – Nigeria

In the Anambra state of Nigeria, 1 in 13 residents has been infected with tuberculosis. Symptoms include persistent coughs, sometimes spanning two or more weeks.

Pertussis – Russia

A frequently under-diagnosed bacterium, Bordetella holmesii, that causes symptoms similar to whooping cough has been found in Russia. This disease is generally milder than whooping

Diphtheria – Dominican Republic

12 cases of Diptheria in the Dominican Republic with 9 deaths. Haiti has also seen 11 cases including 2 deaths. Vaccination coverage for this disease

MERS – Saudi Arabia

New MERS case in Hafr Al-Batin, Northeast of Saudi Arabia, involving a 36 year old man. It is unknown how the man contracted MERS but

Norovirus – Bangladesh

The Barisal Division of Bangladesh experiences a high number of cases of noroviral disease with diarrhea symptoms, and the number has been increasing since January

Hanta Virus – Russia

43 cases (including 1 child) of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) were registered in the 1st quarter of 2021 in Udmurtia. Infection is caused

Chickenpox – India

There has been 13 cases of chickenpox among children younger than 8-year-old being seen since March, 2021 by the Institute of Child Health in India.

Norovirus – Belarus

As of April 6, 2021 29 people have been hospitalized, and the patients are diagnosed with norovirus in Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk region of Belarus. According to

Chickenpox – India

Bihar’s Gaya district is hit by chickenpox, a highly contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). More than 100 patients in the age group