WOMO – Global Mortality Monitor

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Mortality is a basic indicator of health. Understanding its evolution is fundamental for effective public health planning and action. Mortality monitoring is pivotal during influenza or other pandemics, as it provides a robust way to monitor progression and public health impacts when other systems are failing.

These tools are developed by the World Infectious Disease Monitoring Foundation and are part of our key objective to develop an Early Warning System for infectious diseases.

We invite all countries to participate in this program to help aid public health responses and detect the emergence of new diseases early. While local initiatives exists, centralizing this data will lead to more effective responses and enable to investigate rumors in order to give factual based information.

Implemented regions and countries

North America


EU countries

Turkey (pending)



Israel (pending)

Taiwan (pending)

South America


Ecuador (pending)


South Africa (pending)


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Much of today’s innovation is either not reaching or not suitable for people in developing countries.

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One third of children, women and men have no access to essential medicines, putting lives at risk.

Data to Improve Health

Faster and reactive systems to help provide lifesaving support to vulnerable communities.

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