Rapid Response Test-kits

Identifying the source of a rapidly spreading infectious disease outbreak is frequently challenging as they tend to happen in regions not well equipped to deal with such issues. Identifying the pathogen that caused the outbreak is a key initial step to inform possible courses of action and ultimately limit human suffering.

The WoIDMo stores molecular based test-kits for respiratory, gastrointestinal, vector-borne, food and water-quality related diseases. These assays are fast and can be run directly on samples, without needing extensive laboratory equipment. They can be made available overnight, anywhere in the world.

How does this program help?

Previous experience with MERS, SARS, new flu strains and more recently COVID-19, as well as other trans-national epidemics shows that emerging infectious diseases will continue  to  be  a  major  challenge  in  the  future.  Rising  human  populations  force  animals  and  humans  into  ever  closer  proximity, increasing the risk of new infectious diseases. Overcrowding facilitates human-to-human transmission of these infections. High volumes of air travel enable rapid transport of infected humans to non-endemic regions leading to major outbreaks. It is thus essential that we stay on top of the constant barrage of outbreaks. 

Our aim is to cover as many rare and emerging diseases as funding allows, ready to deploy anywhere in the world.


Urgent funding is needed to keep tests on standby for emergency deployment.

PCR-test kits under development


Swadha Agrawal
Riya Jha
Ishaan Kapoor
Aarthi Narayanan
Shreya Sarathy
Hayden Williams

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