Rapid Response Test Infrastructure

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RT-PCR machines are crucial equipment for responding to infectious disease outbreaks and are always the first tests available for novel diseases. At a typical cost of upwards of 20 000 usd for a RT-PCR machine, rolling out capacity fast or even having them available on standby is not an option for many countries,  NGOs and other organizations who provide emergency aid.

To help solve these issues, we have developed our own RT-PCR machines that are cheap and easy to produce, while running tests two times faster than most commercially available equipment. 

A single machine can process 7 000 tests per day and can be deployed anywhere in the world to help dealing with public health emergencies.

Why is this relevant?

We need a greater level of readiness for outbreaks of human pathogens. Current test capacities in many countries, even in developed ones, are insufficient to push back dangerous and frequently undiagnosed diseases. In India alone, over 70 million people per year are affected by rare and unknown diseases. We need to be ready for the next pandemic by having faster and more flexible responses to outbreaks, and we need to start doing this now.

How do we achieve this?

Our fast RT-PCR machines will be given on loan, along with reagents and test-kits when a need arises. This is done through collaboration with local initiatives, other NGOs, universities and in-country labs who require rapid test capabilities or expansion of test capacity to protect vulnerable populations.

How much does it cost?

For every 500 usd we receive in donations we can make one machine available. Our aim is to have a capacity of 100 machines or 700 000 test per day ready to deploy anywhere in the world.

Help us bring cutting edge diagnostics to humanitarian aid. Consider making a donation and lets save lives together!


The production model is currently being designed .

Additional funding is needed to produce a 100 RT-PCR machines to keep on standby for emergency deployment.

We cannot do this without your help

Or NGO does not depend on government sponsorship and is completely independent. For achieving these goals we depend on your contribution. Only together we can make this work.

Support the WoIDMo from as little as 1 usd or euro.
It only takes a minute but makes a world of difference. Thank you.

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