IDMO – Infectious Disease Monitoring System

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Current concerns about the spread of infectious diseases, especially unexpected emerging infections with pandemic potential, have renewed focus on the critical importance of global early warning and rapid response systems. Although considerable progress has been made, many gaps remain, such as global reporting and improved coordination and sharing of information between countries.

IDMO is a global infectious disease tracking system that gathers and consolidates information from various sources to enable better responses to outbreak events, enabling development of more rigorous triggers for public health action.

IDMO can accept aggregated data from local Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) systems such as DHIS2 functioning as a hub, which facilitates sharing of information between countries and regions. IDMO can also function as a complete in-country IDSR solution, without setup costs or fees and ready for immediate deployment.

IDMO is not just limited to the collection of epidemiological data, it also enables sharing of genomic sequences and lab findings, promoting international exchange of essential information to improve public health responses and knowledge about infectious diseases.

Why is this relevant?
The WoIDMo is a neutral party, devoid of any governmental or institutional interference. Open data and sharing of data is key to solving cross-border health issues, and we want to facilitate exchange globally to raise awareness.

Who can join?
Our systems are available to anyone with an interest in health. CDCs, hospitals, clinics and NGO’s can apply for full system access, with the option of integrating current surveillance systems. Researchers can apply for API access to consult aggregated data for automated processing and analysis.

Aggregated data for the past 12 months is easily accessible through the menu section Data – IDMO


IDMO provides around the clock updated information about outbreaks worldwide.


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We cannot do this without your help

Or NGO does not depend on government sponsorship and is completely independent. For achieving these goals we depend on your contribution. Only together we can make this work.

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