Early Warning Network

By centralizing health data and working across geographical borders, early signals of epidemics can be detected. The coronavirus was a wake-up call that clearly demonstrated the need for a global system to track outbreaks. 

We want to create a system that warns early for potential pandemics by combining data from outbreaks with divergences of mortality per country, state, or even province where available. For countries that do not have such systems in place we want to offer our platform, so that this data can be collected. Many public health threats are not restricted by borders and an international unified approach is critical to make this work.

Our system consists of two main components:

IDMO or the Infectious Disease Monitoring System.

WOMO or the Worldwide Mortality Monitor

Excess mortality measurement of COVID-19

By combining data from infectious disease outbreaks with excess mortality, epidemics can be accurately tracked, even in the absence of tests or other more specialized reporting.

With this essential data, it becomes possible to estimate the severity of epidemics before they have spread.

Risk analysis

Another challenge that we would like to take on is the development of a simple integrated risk scale. At this moment severity of epidemics is estimated by balancing a various number of factors, such a R0 (the rate of reproduction), incubation time, infectious period, and CFR (the mortality rate).

Currently estimations are not done mathematically but purely based on judgement and opinion. To us it is clear that this is not the way to move forward, given the important economic and human impact diseases can have.

If you are a data-scientist and would like to participate in this project,
please use the volunteer form to contact us.

Animation of excess mortality measurements in Europe during the coronavirus outbreak 

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