About Us

Health emergencies such as infectious diseases are a global concern. They cause human suffering, limit economies and put strain on public health resources. We want to address these issues by establishing collaborative partnerships around the globe to further understanding, to develop innovative new technologies, to learn from best practices and to raise awareness.


The World Infectious Disease Monitoring Organization (WoIDMo) is an NGO, established in 2020, that brings together a network of individuals from around the world. Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of monitoring infectious diseases globally and how they affect us. One of the important aspects of our foundation is to function as an early warning system for emerging diseases. We also support development of better diagnostics, enable fast delivery of diagnostics where needed and tracking of essential medicine shortages, especially where resource-limited countries are involved. To further our understanding of infectious diseases and how to deal with them, we aim to support research on projects relevant to our goals. [Read more about our programs]

Our Core Values

Open, participative
Transparent, accountable, inclusive and equitable
Culture of mutual respect
Self-organized, distributed and collaborative
Building on existing structures and relationships


For its governance and decision making processes, the WoIDMo has adopted a multi stakeholder governance model, consisting of an expert community-driven process of cooperation and governance, in order to balance a complex set of forces, stakeholders and requirements for different geographical regions and issues pertaining to infectious diseases and health in general.

Through the adoption of this model the WoIDMo strives to be a modern organization that values openness and participation with a true international community, concentrating expertise to provide guidance on how we trans-nationally deal with the issues of infectious diseases in a highly democratic environment and outside of the control of national governments.

For enabling this we have adopted a framework with a lean and self-selecting executive board to ensure the WoIDMo stays true to its core mission and to provide stability, but with a shift of decision making and governance towards an international body of experts in health and health related subjects (the ICPHG).


The International Council for Public Health Guidance (ICPHG), includes representation from a broad geographic and cultural diversity, to ascertain the global public interest in the activities and programs of the WoIDMo, providing guidance and recommendations for public health policy and emergency grading of unusual events. The ICPHG is presided over by a chair, assisted by two vice-chairs and a secretary.


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Vice chair

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Vice chair

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Executive board

The Executive director is responsible for day-to-day running of the foundation, assisted by the Finance director.

Executive director

Steve Puts

Finance director

Lan Li