Leishmaniasis – Pakistan

More than 30,000 leishmania cases were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Hospital sources said 400 patients are already registered for the injection for treatment, mostly

Salmonellosis – United States

A Salmonella outbreak was reported in the states of Nevada and Arizona, the US. A source of the outbreak has not been identified yet. To

Hanta Virus – Russia

58 reported cases as of early 2021 (specific date not provided in source); two of the cases were children. Cases were registered in 14 districts

E coli – United States

Several children have been infected with E. coli in Maquoketa, Iowa. 3 children are hospitalized after developing hemolytic uremic syndrome which can cause dark-colored urine,

Anthrax – Russia

A 29-year-old man is suspected of contracting anthrax in a village located in Tuva Republic, Russia. The source is unknown, tests are currently being undertaken.

Diphtheria – Dominican Republic

Twelve people were infected with diphtheria were infected in Dominican Republic. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, heart failure, kidney failure, paralysis, and even death. Even with

Cholera – Nigeria

13 new cases of Gastroenteritis have been detected in Bauchi state, Nigeria. 13 new cases, bringing the total from this outbreak to 732 cases, including

Avian Influenza – China

A 41-year-old man in Zhenjiang was hospitalized on April 28 and diagnosed with H10N3 on May 28. It is the first confirmed human infection with