Botulism – Romania

In Arad, Romania two people have been diagnosed with botulism. This past weekend, a woman and her husband were admitted to a hospital in Arad

Hepatitis A – United States

Hepatitis A outbreak in North Carolina passed 1,000 cases. 63% of cases have required hospitalization. 16 people have died from Hepatitis A infection. Health officials

Hepatitis A – Canada

The Canadian government has recalled Mangos from a variety of brands due to several reported cases of Hepatitis A. The source of the infections is

Dengue Fever – Bangladesh

153 new cases of Dengue fever were reported in Bangladesh, spread by the Aedes mosquito. The Aedes Mosquito spreads Dengue and breeds in stagnant water,

E coli – Ireland

An E.coli outbreak has been reported at a childcare facility in Limerick, Ireland with reports of ‘fewer than 5 patients’ that were affected. Specific circumstances

Hantavirus – Chile

One woman from Curacautín, Chile dead after becoming infected with the Hantavirus. The woman acquired the infection in the rural areas of the commune. There

Salmonellosis – Russia

School children were hospitalized and later diagnosed with Salmonellosis after lunch in a cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia. Out of 18 children, 13 got infected

Typhus – India

July 27, 2021 – Four cases of scrub typhus reported in Himanchal Pradesh in Shimla. Cases were discovered in Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital

Leishmaniasis – Nepal

Regions of Okhaldhunga, Kalikot, and Myagdi in Nepal have reported an outbreak of Kala-azar and Dengue. Kala-azar, also known as visceral leishmaniasis or black fever,