Botulism – Ukraine

A 74-year old man died from consuming two month old blood sausage and contracting botulism in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The Center for Public

Avian Influenza – India

July 20, 2021 – One reported case of the bird flu (avian influenza) confirmed in New Dehli, India. The individual infected was an 11 year-old

Salmonellosis – France

45 people in France are sick with a salmonella infection after consuming a dry cured sausage from Spain. 27 of the 45 patients were children.

Cholera – India

66 cases of cholera in the Abheypur and Buddanpur villages of India. 47 of the patients are children. Many villages punctured pipes to draw water

Rabies – Russia

In April 2021, a man died in Rostov, Russia after being bitten by a cat with rabies. After the bite, the man suffered from hydrophobia,

Dengue Fever – French Guiana

Following major flooding in the country, Region Six is reporting 67 cases of dengue and five cases of leptospirosis. There has not been any major

Monkeypox – United States

A case of human monkeypox has been reported in a United States resident who traveled from Nigeria to the United States. The person is hospitalized

Botulism – Ukraine

A case of botulism was recorded in Melitopol, Ukraine. A 65-year-old man consumed cold-smoked mackerel on June 18. Next evening, he experienced symptoms of poisoning,

Cholera – Nigeria

26 people fell ill with Cholera following an outbreak in Enugu, Nigeria. On July 16, 2021, the Enugu Ministry of Health received reports of 7

E coli – United States

15 individuals across 11 states in the United States have tested positive for E.coli. The source of the infection is currently unknown but the CDC