Unavailable, unaffordable and ignored
People around the world lacking access to lifesaving medecines

Nearly 2 billion people have no access to essential medicines

While COVID-19 steals the limelight, none of the other diseases have gone away.

Doctors are failing daily to treat patients suffering from infectious diseases. One third of the world lacks access to essential medicines.

Developing countries are struggling with access to first line antibiotics like penicillin and other lifesaving drugs. In the poorest parts of Africa and Asia up to a half of the population lacks access to essential medicines. Diseases such as Tuberculosis (1.4 million deaths per year), Malaria (409 000 deaths), Leishmaniasis (1.3 million affected per year) and Dengue (390 million infected) keep claiming victims.

With this campaign we are helping clinics and hospitals, frequently in rural areas where people are having trouble affording the treatments they need. When shortages for specific diseases or  antibiotics are notified by healthcare providers connected to our reporting systems, we provide the aid people need before it makes a newspaper headline.

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We cover acute shortages due to sudden localized outbreaks that require treatment of an unusual amount of people, supply chain issues. Or instances where treatment is too expensive for patients in rural areas, who frequently live close to the poverty line. As much as possible, we try to aid with lower-cost generic medication.

For every $15 we receive, we can ensure access to a full month of antibiotics for treating Tuberculosis. Malaria medication for treating 10 people costs $25. For Leishmaniasis, the cost varies according to the severity of the disease. From $20 for treating localized skin lesions, to $50 for a 20-day course for progressed forms of the disease.

These common diseases in developping countries are easy to cure with ensured access to medication. With your help we can end suffering and give people hope.

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