How to donate to Ukraine?

18 million people are potentially being affected by the collapse of the healthcare system.

274 hospitals have been shelled and 13 have been completely destroyed. Around 1000 hospitals are in conflict areas and medical supplies are running out. Essential medicines such as antibiotics, pain medication and insulin are in short supply and frequently not arriving where they are needed.

We’ve built Med-Aid, a platform for hospitals and other healthcare providers to indicate the exact medical supplies they need in emergencies as this to better direct aid.

What does MED-AID do?

12 hospitals on the Med-Aid platform require 847.000 EUR or 922.000 USD in immediate funding

Urgent medical requests from hospitals in Ukraine
Scene of destruction after bombing Ukraine 2022
Okhmatdyt childrens hospital, patients sheltering in the basement.

Why do we need your help?

There is a great need for urgent medical supplies that treat life-threatening conditions. Your donations will go directly where they’re most needed, where hospitals are destroyed and health care infrastructure has collapsed.

We are working on purchasing medicines necessary to deal with the increasing war casualties, medicines required for ongoing treatment of people that are unable to evacuate (bedridden patients, cancer patients, patients with acute heart diseases and psychiatric disorders. We are working with the ministry of health in Ukraine and various organizations who are active on the ground, to deliver aid in the most optimal way.

18 million

affected population


of pharmacies closed


hospitals in conflict areas


hospitals shelled and destroyed

900 000

diabetic patients may be affected by limited availability of insulin

If not then…

155 000

patients with HIV and TB are left without treatment

If not then…

> 2 600

civilian injuries and those are just the ones that are officially known

If not then…

How can you help?

12 hospitals on the Med-Aid platform require 847.000 EUR or 922.000 USD in immediate funding