51 Hospitals Damaged by the Russian Invasion in Ukraine
Urgent financial aid is needed to support healthcare infrastructure

Healthcare in Ukraine is Collapsing and Urgent Help is Needed

51 hospitals all over Ukraine have been disabled or damaged by the Russian invasion so far. This is still expected to increase as war rages on in the country.

At least three hospitals have been destroyed. The hospitals in Izyum city, Kharkiv oblast and Makariv town, Kyiv oblast which were destroyed by Russian shelling. An additional hospital in Volnovakha city, Donetsk oblast which had been damaged on February 27 was destroyed during active fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces. In addition, at least 47 other incidents reported damage to hospitals, including seven children’s hospitals or clinics, three psychiatric
hospitals or mental health treatment centers and three maternity hospitals.

At least twelve health workers have been killed since the conflict began. Half were killed by explosive weapons use, including artillery fire and rocket attacks. Ambulances have also been attacked by Russian forces while transporting patients, medication, or supplies. 

Some examples of the attacks we are keeping track of (list of incidents):

In Vuhledar town, Donetsk oblast, an alleged Russian ballistic missile carrying
a cluster munition struck just outside a hospital, damaging the hospital and an ambulance. Six
doctors were injured and four civilians killed. ( Feb 24)

In Melitopol city, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Russian forces damaged a
clearly-marked Oncology Centre. (Feb 25)

In Zhytomyr city and oblast, a hospital was reportedly damaged after being hit by
an aerial bomb. All the windows and doors of the hospital were broken. The bombs also hit a
residential building close to the hospital. (March 2)

Please consider donating to support the healthcare system in Ukraine.

How does your donation help

While there is a great need for urgent medical supplies, it is in some cases impossible to deliver them. Your donations will go to rebuilding hospitals and healthcare infrastructure where it is most needed and completely destroyed. For this we are working with the ministry of health in Ukraine to provide funding directly to the affected hospitals.

At the same time, we try to deliver as much as possible to hospitals that are accessible. We will also continue to track affected healthcare facilities to prioritize help based on their needs.

Okhmatdyt childrens hospital, patients sheltering in the basement.
Scene of destruction after bombing Ukraine 2022