Influenza H10N8

Type: Viral

Geography: China

Cases Per Year: 0 (1 total recorded case in humans)

Fatality Rate: 100%

First Discovered: 2012 in Guangdong province, China

The H10N8 influenza virus is an avian influenza strain. It was isolated from domestic ducks in China and has also been found in mice, waterfowls, feral dogs, and live poultry markets. Genome sequencing and virus characterization suggests that the virus strains that infected humans originated in poultry markets. The H10N8 strain has been detected in humans, though not often. The first human fatality, and one of the only known H10N8 avian influenza infections in humans, occurred in Jiangxi Province, China, who died of pneumonia in December 2013.

Photo: Influenza A virions – Electron micrograph.