Bourbon Virus

Type: Viral

Geography: Midwestern United States

Cases Per Year: 0 to 1

Fatality Rate: 30%

First Discovered: 2014 by Olga Kosoy and Amy Lambert in Colorado, United States

Not much is known about Bourbon virus, and only a limited number of cases have been reported. Bourbon virus is likely transmitted through tick or other insect bites. Possible symptoms include fever, fatigue, rash, headache, other body aches, nausea, vomiting, and low white blood cell count.

There is no vaccine or drug to prevent or treat Bourbon virus. Therefore, protection from ticks and other insects is the best way to prevent infection. Use insect repellent, wear long sleeves and pants, avoid bushy or wooded areas, and perform thorough tick checks after spending time outdoors.

Photo: Bourbon Virus spheres (Novel Thogotovirus) – Electron micrograph.