Unknown Disease – Myanmar

January 24, 2022 – An outbreak of diarrhea has been reported in a camp for internally displaced persons in Kyauktaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar. The individuals affected are mostly children. According to the source, approximately five children a day have been diagnosed with a diarrheal infection. Many of these children and affected individuals have sought medical attention at nearby health facilities.

The origin of the diarrheal infections stems from the consumption of pond water in the camp. Due to droughts and mudslides, the quality of water and source of safe drinking water have declined. Individuals, especially children, still use that source of water for consumption since it is the most available.

Although officials state that efforts have been made to provide a pipeline of clean drinking water to the camp from other water sources, it isn’t enough to supply the large population of individuals in the camp. Further public health assistance has yet to be implemented.

Photo: Artist rendering of a pathogen.

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