Undiagnosed Food-borne disease – India

September 8, 2021- A diarrheal outbreak affecting approximately 102 individuals was reported in the health wards in the Kamarhati area in West Bengal, India. Of the 102 cases reported, two deaths were confirmed and occurred in the wards. The deaths were two women, ages 50 and 13. Seventy (70) individuals in the wards were taken to another to the state-run College of Medicine and Sagar Dutta State General Hospital.

The symptoms that were reported by most of the residents at the ward include dehydration, nausea, and abdominal pain. The two cases that passes away experienced sever dehydration. Ten individuals were reported to be in serious critical condition. The source of the diarrheal outbreak was suspected to originate from the hospital water source. There may have been a contamination of a primary metropolitan water source that may have entered the water system in the hospitals.

Though not definitive, it is suspected that the outbreak is related to cholera. Officials are working on public awareness campaigns to encourage residents to drink boiled water while the outbreak continues to be under investigation.

Photo: Artist rendering of a pathogen.

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