Undiagnosed hemorrhagic disease – Nigeria

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Poisonous drink kills 3 and hospitalizes 183 in the northwestern city of Kano, Nigeria after taking expired and poisonous fruit drinks.

The outbreak has spread to eight local governments, including Gwale, Kano Municipal, Dala, Bunkure, Fagge, Gwarzo and Dawakin Tofa. It affected 284 people, with 101 discharged from hospitals while 183 patients are currently receiving treatment.

The affected patients showed symptoms of hematuria, indicating a hemorrhagic disease, which causes bloody urine, fever, lethargy, and sometimes yellowness of the eyes (jaundice). Initially a viral hemorrhagic fever was suspected, but the test results came back negative for yellow fever and Lassa fever. Dengue results were still pending on the date of the report.

Potentially this is tied to expired drinks sold at a supermarket chain called Singer.

Photo: Artist rendering of a pathogen.

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